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Laundry Bleach

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This little laundry dynamo keeps whites naturally bright, and effectively lifts stains such as tea and fruit juice without using harmful chemical ingredients.

Can simply be combined with your normal washing powder to pack an extra punch.

Suitable for septic tanks, not tested on animals, fully biodegradable.


Ecover Laundry Bleach - Benefits

  • Cleans hygienically and enhances the washing power
  • Keeps whites naturally bright
  • Effectively combats heavy soiling and stains on colourfast laundry
  • No chlorine or optical brighteners to leave a deposit on the skin
  • No residues of unnecessary chemicals.
  • GMO enzyme free

Ecover Laundry Bleach - Environmental advantage:

  • Optimum level of biodegradability – far exceeds legislative requirements
  • Minimum impact on aquatic life (OECD-test 201&202, full product)
  • Against animal testing
  • Suitable for septic tanks

Packaging material:

Box is made of 95 % recycled cardboard.
The plastic wrappers are made from Polypropylene and is 100% recyclable. (The wrappers protect the powder from damage.)

Ecover Laundry Bleach - Complete ingredients list
Sodium Percarbonate.

Size: 400g

Product code:  ELAUNDBLEACH400G


Reviews of Laundry Bleach 4.6 out of 5 (97 reviews)

Helps whites come up whiter with not chemical smell.
I use this in my laundry when whites need brightening, it always works and is excellent, kind to clothes and the environment. Have recommended it to friends.
Did not make grey white shirts much whiter.
I don't use the product myself it was for my mum who has used it for years and now finds it difficult to find it in high street stores. She uses it in every wash.
It works
I haven't used this item yet.
I add this product to my white wash and it helps keep it bright.
I am not able to use bleach in any way as it causes irritation.

This is great to keep my whites white.

I must admit I also find its great for putting down the loo occasionally.
only use occasionally, works well
Nicer than bleach but not quite as effective
My old packet got damp so had to scrape to use, but still effective! Will try to keep this new packet dryer.
I always use this when my daughter gets blood stains in her underwear when on her periods, or in a wash when the load is particularly stained.
We use this in hot water to clean our toilets. It works well
Keeps our whites nice & bright.
Good cleaning whilst minimising damage to the environment.
I add this to most washes and think it's great. Again the packaging isn't ideal. Unsure how to open it and then it deterorates quickly. Could come in a square box with a cardboard scoop?
I'd like this a bit stronger in truth, but it certainly adds power to other cleaning products (in my case the marvellous *** fairly-traded palm oil washing liquid. Sorry Ecover - but their product ticks more boxes for me!)
use it for everything, from a stained loo (flush when you must household) to soaking red wine of of clothing
always buy good product
Not actually used it yet.....
Good to find a septic tank friendly bleach.
worked very well
Fantastic, especially when using to soak clothes and with washing liquid.
love this product wish there was a spray bleach cleaner I could use. probably someone could invent one
It seems to be a gentle way to keep whites white
works well
So far so good
Can't get enough if how brilliant the results are after using the bleach!
We use it for extra whitening in the washing machine .
We recommend it to all our friends and family . A really first class product.
Gently effective for keeping towels etc white.
I found a pack that I had had for years so threw some in with the washing and it came out much brighter, to my surprise, so I decided to order some more.
Great product for keeping whites white. A table spoon added amongst the whites and 40 Deg wash along with your washing powder is amazing. I use it every time I have a white wash load.
Just add to the liquid/powder for stubborn stains
Use for whites if soiled - effective
I've found nothing else as good. It leaves no discernible smell and is very effective, and gentle.
use on white towels and underwear
Excellent at getting whites really white,
I'm still unsure as to how effective this laundry bleach really is. I'd like to give it the thumbs up, but for the fact that I've pulled items out of the wardrobe and noticed a very definite yellowing on white cottons.
I brought this up with Ecover, who were politely evasive, suggesting it might have been a faulty batch that somehow reached the supermarket shelves. The problem with that explanation was that I was referring to several garments, and they had been cleaned at different times - therefore with different batches.
Nevertheless, out of loyalty, I continue to add it to my white washes for bed linen and towelling.
I love this stuff! I soak my son's school shirts in it every week and they come up white time after time, even after he's been rolling around on the grass playing football. So good to know that I can do eco-friendly washing without needing to settle for grey whites. Heartily recommended.
I use this with Ecover Zero washing powder
Helps to be able to gauge the amounts needed
Only needed a small amount. Great product.
in washing machine?
Now and then i like to use it for my whites , to keep it brilliant white. Which this product does so BRILLIANTLY!!!!!! Keeping in mind to not destroy my own environment .
In my white wash, together with Ecover washing liquid. I do think it keeps the whites whiter
Not used it yet
works very well
At last, a bleach I can use with a septic tank! Brilliant
I've used Ecover Launrdy Bleach for almost a quater of a century and have recommended it to others over the years. I always soak my dishcloths in it mainly, but use it for dirty mugs too, cleaning my bowl/sink.
A very good product, but the packaging needs improving as 3 of the boxes I ordered were punctured and quite a lot of their contents were sloshing around in the bottom of the box in which the order came, unusable as mixed with the shredded cardboard used to fill the corners of this box.
wonderful product! use as a pre washing soak in cold water. all stains seem to disapear, wine grease the lot. then put the wet clothes in machine with ecover liquid.
This product ensures whiteness to cottons and isn't strongly scented
Excellent for the little bit more oomph to remove heavy stains.
Good for whites.
use it in every white wash load and for soaking eco dish washing cloths
A gentle yet effective product that is brilliant at removing stains and whitening trainers.
Product is excellent. Use it for many different purposes. Have already recommended it to many people
Have used this product for many years so am very satisfied with what it does.
Fantastic for tough stains, especially on whites and not even chlorine based bleach! . Just adding to washes as required means bleach is not used in every wash, unlike with most other laundry products that contain chlorine-basaed bleach so is introduced in every wash whether you like it or not..
Excellent product brings up the whites really clean.
Effective stain removal and clear conscience
used before and trust product, able to use with ecoballs. recommended to family and friends.
Helpful with the odd really dirty wash.
So so useful.
Satisfactory results with minor stains - doesn't bleach very white. Still prefer to use this product over a stronger bleach
Have used for years so it says it all.
Tried on some very old, very discoloured tea towels as well as some stained/discoloured white clothes. Soaked for about an hour, then put in the washing machine. Everything came out looking new!
I use this product with my whites and it works - every stain removed when used with normal washing product! Would recommend to anyone who wants to use a good product with a conscience.
used in conjunction with washing powder to soak heavy cream curtains very stained from smoke and fumes from burning wood on open fire.

8 hours soaking prior to washing and all staining and darkening completely gone. Fantastic.
I not only use this product for washing laundry whites but also for general household cleaning which would sometimes require a conventional bleach treatment i.e. cleaning the toilet. I have recommended this product to friends by purchasing them packets and having them try it. I did this with the washing-up liquid and your toilet cleaner and they found them very efficient for their purpose. It's nice to convert people who would not otherwise try environmental products which they think are expensive.
Use it in my white wash.
Great all round product!
Good product that is environmentally friendly and can be used with septic tanks
I love this product and can't imagine wasching my whites without it, it keeps them looking like brand new and removes the stains.
It's pretty good
This is the first time I have used this particular product. I don't like the idea of using bleach but sometimes it is the only way to get whites clean. I have used it in the washing machine and think it helps to get those whites whiter. I have also used it in water to wash my white lino floor and there you can definately see its brighter.
In the washing machine with whites
Keeps my white bed linen nicely white and is also good at removing stains.
I almost think "bleach" is the wrong word to use - it belies how gentle this is...but then again it brightens clothes as well as any laundry bleach...
add to keep whites white- works really well
Wonderful - our 3 sets of white bedsheets were getting a bit faded and I said to my husband we would likely have to invest in some new ones - I washed them all with this and the Non-bio powder, they have came up like new - thanks Ecover for saving me money!!!
Great for adding to the wash to give whites an additional brightness.
good as always
Add to my white washing to bring back the brightness.
I have also on occasions when the drain ( which has an unusual cover) made in plastic get grotty I use the ecover bleach to clean it.
I intend to use the product in whites and nappy washes.
It has been recommended to me and the price was amazing due to a special offer.
We use this as a relatively gentle means of whitening and stain removal that REALLY WORKS, without harming the world.
I love Ecover products for being kind to the planet and this plus vinegar gets my husbands oily overalls completely clean at 40 degrees.
Superb for keeping white t-shirts and school shirts white.
ideal for stubborn stains
brilliant just gives alittle extra boost
does what I need with out the chemicals
To brighten washing done at 40degrees, such as tea towels.Very effective, nice smell. Brightened up a white sweatshirt I've had for years, removing residual tea, grease stains etc.
Works adequately on whites but not heavy stains
is very good on whites, doing the job i require, would reccomend to anyone
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