Clever Cleaning Top Tips

Have the Ecover Powders changed?

Yes. The clever people back in the Ecover R&D team are always looking to develop our products to make them even better.

The Ecover Washing Powders have recently been reformulated with a clever concentrated formula which means you can get more loads for your money. What’s more they have been crafted to work even better at low temperatures such as 30oC and tackle even the toughest stains. So now we have an Ecover Washing Powder range boasting Non-Biological, Biological and also Fragrance Free Non-Biological.

The boxes have changed too with a handy pouring spout which simply pulls out. If you would like a powder scoop then just give us a call on 03451 302230 and we’ll pop one in the post.

Do I dose differently with the new Concentrated Powders?

Yes. The powders have been cleverly formulated into a concentrated formula so you can use less powder but still get that same Ecover clean result.

The new dosing has been updated based on a 6kg washing machine load too (because more and more of you have upgraded to 6kg washing machines), whereas before the dosage was against a 4-kg load.

The dosage table will give you guidelines, but on average you should use 25g less powder per load than before.

Where is my laundry scoop?

We no longer put laundry scoops in our powder boxes as many of you told us they were re-using their old one which is great news because it means we cut back on waste too.

Need a new scoop? Simply pop us a quick email to [email protected] or pick up the phone to 03451 302230

What’s the difference between Biological and Non-Biological?

It’s a common misconception that Biological is bad and Non-Bio is good. The fact is that they’re both great for cleaning, but for different reasons...

The difference is one uses enzymes, but which one? Non-Biological laundry products don’t contain enzymes and here at Ecover to boost our Non-Bio Powder’s performance we add our friendly oxygen bleach which helps to bleach out stains such as grass and tea.

However not all stains are ‘bleachable’, particularly those which are protein or fat based such as blood and egg. To tackle these stains it’s Biological that you need. Ecover’s Biological Washing Powder, Bio Laundry Liquid and Stain Remover contain enzymes to really beat these trickier stains.

Does Ecover test on animals?

We categorically do not test, nor do we commission a third party to carry out animal testing out our behalf.

We have a comprehensive animal testing policy which we would be happy to send you, so you have all the facts. For a copy please contact one of the team via email on [email protected] or pick up the phone to 03451 302230

Is Ecover suitable for my Septic Tank?

Yes. If you have a septic tank at home then you should be using products which can fully degrade just like Ecover. Reason being that in your septic tank there is an anaerobic environment which efficiently decomposes or mineralises waste, and to keep it healthy you need to ensure you don’t upset it with nasty chemicals.

So with Ecover’s range of plant-based and mineral ingredient products and a maintenance clear out now and then you’ll have happy septic tank which will last for decades and possible a lifetime.

What product for that floor?

So you have two excellent floor cleaners available, either Ecover All Purpose Cleaner or Ecover Floor Soap...

If you’re lucky enough to have lovely untreated floors such as tiles, marble or natural stone then you should opt for Ecover’s Floor Soap. For an extra sparkle on those laminates and tiles then we’d recommend Ecover All Purpose Cleaner, it also brings up wooden, treated on natural flooring really well removing dirt and those unsightly marks.

Job done.

Are Ecover products Anti-bacterial?

The demand for antibacterial products is growing amongst a vast majority of consumers and also with our loyal consumers. We have always prided ourselves on providing an alternative.

The best way to prevent germs is to clean a surface well leaving no debris for the germs to live on. However extensive research has shown us that many consumers still ‘need’ an antibacterial agent for reassurance that the germs ‘are gone’.

At Ecover we have now been able to develop a formula that contains an antibacterial agent from a natural origin so we are delighted to be able to launch wipes that both fulfil the consumers need whilst also starting them on their Ecover journey.

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