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Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid Refill 5L (142 washes)

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(£7.20 per litre)

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(£7.20 per litre)

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New and improved! Lavender & Sandalwood.

Ecover Laundry Liquids feature new, authentic fragrances inspired by nature that delight the senses.

The concentrated formulas pack the same cleaning power as bigger packs, but with less packaging to carry home.

Ecover harnesses the power of Smart Green Science to bring you a powerful clean by lifting dirt and stains away, even at lower temperatures.

We believe in happy skin. Our plant-based biodegradable ingredients leave your washing spotless and smelling sublime while remaining gentle the skin. Our laundry detergents and softeners have been tested by independent dermatologists on people with sensitive skin and they gave us the big thumbs up.

  • New naturally inspired fragrances
  • Concentrated formula
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Tough stain action
  • Full of Smart Green Science
  • Plant based & mineral ingredients
  • Suitable for septic tanks
  • UNEP award
  • Cruelty-Free International
  • 142 Washes per pack and 35 ML / G per wash

Ingredients 15-30%: Non-Ionic Surfactants, 5-15%: Anionic Surfactants, Soap, <5%: Perfume (Limonene, Linalool, Butylphenyl Methylpropional), Other: Water, Alcohol Denat., Sodium Citrate, Glycerin, Trisodium, Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Polypropylene Terephthalate, Citric Acid
Contents: 5L

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Reviews of Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid R... 4.7 out of 5 (120 reviews)

Personal, domestic use- giving some of the order to our newly married daughter . Recommend to family, very pleased with the product
great product
Great to be able to buy a refill for this !
Have used this, I think, for over a decade. Nothing currently on the market can better this non bio laundry liquid. Leaves clothes clean and fresh.
I've slready submitted my comments although I cannot see them.
The products are good, eco-friendly and are for personal, home use.
Would recommend them to anywone
Would be great if you could do this in a bigger box please - to save more bottles
Guess what - I use it in my washing machine
I have used this product for many years, & I decided to reduce my plastic use by ordering it in bulk
good laundry liquid
Excellent product used in a B&B with a sewage treatment plant
Glad to find a way of avoiding buying smaller bottles. Now I can keep one and just top it up occasionally.
Try to use product economically as it's concentrated!

Recommend to anybody I know

Cleans effectively with only a capful & smells lovely
I use this for general washing in a washing machine. We have a sceptic tank so it is important for me to use an environmentally friendly product and it does clean the laundry well leaving a refreshing smell.
I like the smell of this product
I use this for all my laundry washing. I use it in a washing machine. I would recommend this product to one and all. I think highly of the product
I use this product as my main detergent for all non-wool or delicate washes. I am completely satisfied with this product, it cleans well and smells nice without being too strong and is also better for the environment than other detergents. My only wish that there was a larger size refill available.
Excellent value for money
Just used for family wash. Good quality. NO animal testing. Less/few chemicals to destroy the earth. I will recommend it but everyone is not so bothered about the future of our planet!
Great product! 🙂
I have used this product for years. Would recommend it to others.
Use frequently in washing machine,gives good results
For all washing except delicates.I would recommend, to anyone and quality is excellent
Ordered various cleaning products in bulk (to save overall on packaging). Great products, good service. More companies for other products (food & drink, cosmetics etc.) should do bulk orders/refills; keep up the good work!
Good for cleaning tea stained sink, just leave it overnight after a little all over scrub & it gleams
I will use it to wash machine clothes, but I have not tried it since I am finishing an Ecover bottle of 50 washes.
It works well.
V good
farm washing, all friends, excellent product
Great product
love the smell. I use it sparingly and alternately with our 'washing balls'.
I like the product it's easy to use in my washing machine and rinses out well
I have an allergy to MI/MIT so ecover range suits my needs. Could have increased rang3 of fragrances
Quality good
good with fabric softener
Great product. My son doesn't get skin inflammation with this product unlike standard laundry powders. Very economical and smells good too.
Product good.
However, very difficult to pour into smaller Ecover bottle. Should come with a pouring aid
Works well. Economical to buy the large size and saves on plastic. It fills my washing machine automatic detergent dispenser over three times so keeps me going for ages
Good clean wash.
Lovely fragrance and gets stains out. On a cool wash Fabulous!
every day clothes wash, no unpleasant chemical smell, and cleans normally grubby clothes perfectly
Excellent for all my laundry.
Effective and good to buy in bulk
Excellent product which I use in the washing machine on all types of fabrics and for delicate hand washing. Leaves a lovely gentle scent and I personally do not find I need to use a fabric conditioner.
Great value size for a great product
Love this washing liquid.
Have been using this for years. Effectively cleans washing gently and efficiently.
I refill small containers for use and I like the product and would recommend to others
Great product
Great stuff
I want to reduce the number of plastic bottles, so a refill option saves me money and is more sustainable.
I have been using this since it became available a couple of years ago. I use it for almost all my laundry.
The products are used for laundry. They the best not commercial products and eco-friendly.
I always buy ecover refills as so much more economical. Delivery time good
Always use this - washes really well even at low temperature & smells fresh.
Very good
Great feeling knowing I'm not harming the environment and getting the washing clean. As organic farmers we need to know that our frogs and toads will be keeping their skin.
Easy to use, doesn't make me itch and gets the clothes clean
Does a good job, but the washing has an odd smell afterwards, slightly sweet.
I always use this product as it smells like soap rather than chemical additives. It cleans well. Larger box is better value.
Can be used on all fabrics, not much needed, lovely soft, natural fragrance.
I use this for our family laundry more than 3 years now and absolutely happy with it apart it does not work on a tough stains
Great to have this in bulk. Use it all the time and find it excellent.
We use this liquid for all our clothes. Only use a small amount and it does a great job. My husband and I both react against harsh chemicals so this product is ideal for our sensitive skins.
This is the only laundry product I use, usually on a 30 degree wash although higher for very soiled or smelly things! It lasts for ages. Highly recommended!
Very good quality
I really like this washing liquid and appreciate being able to buy it in bulk to cut down on plastic.
I always use this,or the unconcentrated laundry liquid, as it cleans well and doesn't harm the environment. I have a septic tank, with excess fluid outlet onto farm land, so this is particularly important.
Use on all washes
Use Ecover's washing liquid as it is effective at cleaning but kind to the environment
Good clean smell but not overfragranced, gets clothes clean.
I've been using the product for years and love the gentle, non-irritating fragrance. Great to find an eco-friendly refill system.
Good quality and environmentally friendly
My favorite! shame it does not come in 15L
Epic. Sits on top of machine & dispense right into drawer.
Not 100% happy on stain removal.
trying the concentrated for the first time but always use non bio laundry liquid
We use this for all our washing from very muddy mountain biking clothes and sweaty running kit to my baby's clothes and reusable wipes and it does a great job on everything. Just wish you could buy a 15l box.
I am more than happy with the product as it is.
I use it always in my washing machine and occasionally for hand-washing too.
I recommend it to family and friends.
the quality is good and good value in bulk.
Been using this ever since it was launched - very good results and the most economical of all the washing products.
We are in a very soft water area and a low dose of the product is perfectly adequate for washes where there are no biological stain issues. The feint, refreshing, perfume is so much more acceptable than the heady, overwhelming perfume of so many other products.
I recommend it to anyone who likes eco friendly products and also to those who aren't fussed about being eco friendly themselves.
Lovely fresh smell without being artificial or over powering
Perfect for all the families washing
For all general washes
recommended for anyone
quality is good
Seems ok so far - new to the product. Washing seems to get fusty a bit quick if I cannot dry it fast enough - not easy in Jan/Feb 2014!!! Not sure if this product, or the softener is to blame. We'll see how it goes.
I use it because other clothes washing products make my husband itch. He has no problem with this product.
As I have a septic tank it is essential that all products I use are suitable - this non bio laundry wash seems to do the job very well.
Good for clothes that aren't very soiled, but it's not easy to gauge how much to use.
The laundry liquid and washing up liquid smell gorgeous and I am so happy that they have not blinded bunnies in the process.
I have used this for many years. Excellent results which cause no damage to the environment
For all laundry, smells fresh but not perfumed. Great cleaning power whilst gentle on clothes. Will try with ecover bleach for whites in future.
Product good
the product washes well and removes stains from general clothing - it works well at low temperatures for delicates and at high temperatures for work clothes.
I do not use it to wash bedding and towels as I use vegetable soap flakes and a very hot wash for these to ensure that germs and possible dust mites are killed
it is not very good for washing overalls and hi-vis PPE as it is unable to remove traffic particulate - so we use soap flakes for these
but one of the best things about the product is that it DOESN'T SMELL - I hate the smell of laundry products
We have been using this liquid for several months, and we like it - it does a good job.
I use this for all my washing (except hand washing) and it's great - gets the clothes very clean. I would recommend it to anyone.
Smells nice, cleans well.
Doesn't get general stains out on a cool wash.
Great to be able to "bulk buy". Lasts for ages!
as effective as products that are not as environmentally friendly. I love the fragrance.
I use the Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid for all our washing and have recomended it to all our friends.
Quality of product is good for non-whites. Prefer concentration - use less
It works well and is economical as a little bit goes a long way.
I use products in washing machine and am very satisfied with the washes.

I would recommend the service as the goods were delivered the next day after ordering.
Works well with very little product required should prove economical
Other than liking Ecover products themselves I like that I can buy the 5L in a carton with just a bag inside. Lot less packaging than buying bottles. Would recommend to anyone who wants to reduce packaging and wants nice smelling products that don't effect our water ways.
I would recommend this product to anyone. I use the delicate fabric washing liquid for my delicates, but I use this one for everything else.
Excellent laundry liquid.
I have used Ecover products for many years being very satisfied that they do what they say they do. I now live in a property with a saniflow toilet and spectic tank so their suitability for these systems is now an imperative.
I normally use the standard (i.e. not concentrated) product which is excellent. I expect this will be similar in performance with the added advantage of less waste and less frequent ordering. I prefer the non-bio option as it does not have any of the issues regarding skin sensitivities I found with bio products. Non-bio copes with most everyday stains; stubborn stains are rubbed with neat Ecover before going into the wash. Works most of the time.
I will recommend this to the rest of my family it works out at about 17p per wash and helps the environment as well.
I use it for a small family wash with few really dirty items.
I use this to wash our cloths, i would recommend this to anyone or everyone and the quality is great.
Works well and smells lovely.
Only laundry product I would ever use. Excellent.
Have used product for a long time & love its performance, and of course its environmental credentials. Lovely to have at last found something that also addresses the packaging issue.
Have recommended to all my family
Really like this product. Does not irritate sensitive skin and cleans clothes v well
Home use - for all washing. Already recommended to family and friends.
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