Limited Edition
Too good to waste

Meet our new cleaners made using rescued food waste*. This kit contains:

1x Toilet Cleaner

  • Made with 81% food waste*
  • Rescued lemon and mint fragrance
  • Removes limescale

1x Multi-Surface Cleaner

  • Made with 97% food waste*
  • Rescued lemon and mint fragrance
  • Tackles grease and grime
  • Comes with a cap, so you can reuse a spray nozzle you already own

* excludes water

(£3.00 each)
One box can be ordered with no delivery or minimum order charges by using the code TOOGOODTOWASTE on the basket page
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Too much food is ditched. But something good is happening to change that: transforming food waste into cleaning products.

Old veg, squished fruit, potato peelings. Too much good stuff gets binned. So we’ve worked out how to use food waste to make these cleaners. Clever, huh.

The bottles are both made with post-consumer recycled plastic and the Multi-Surface Cleaner intentionally comes without a trigger spray, saving 35 percent plastic and encouraging re-use of triggers (which should be thoroughly rinsed before use with our bottles) from existing cleaning bottles.

Contents: 2
Toilet cleaner: Aqua, Lactic acid, Sodium sulfate C11-C15, D-pentose oligomeric C5 alkyl glycosides, Parfum, Xanthan gum, Cellulose, Cellulose gum, Limonene, Citronellol, Geraniol, Glyoxal. Multi surface spray: Aqua, Alcohol denat., D-pentose oligomeric C5 alkyl glycosides, Sodium sulfate C11-C15, Candida bombicola/glucose/rapeseed oil ferment, Parfum, Lactic acid.

Multi-Surface Cleaner
Always test on inconspicuous area first. Use on kitchen surfaces, tables, chairs & other hard surfaces. Spray directly onto surface and wipe clean. No need to rinse. For best results dry with a dry cloth. Contents may become cloudy. Nothing to worry about.

Toilet Cleaner
Direct nozzle under rim and squeeze to cover bowl. For best results leave for 10 mins. Brush above and below waterline, then flush.

Frequently asked questions

What are the ingredients + what do they do?
  • Potato peels turned into cleaning surfactants (the active ingredients that work hard to get things clean)
  • Supermarket food waste transformed into a descaler and another powerful surfactant known as biosurfactant, which occurs in nature and is obtained by fermentation
  • Rescued lemon and mint used to create fresh, clean-smelling fragrances
  • And sugar beet pulp, repurposed into thickener, so the loo cleaner sticks
How are each of the waste ingredients sourced and transformed into cleaning product ingredients?
  • Potato peels and similar food processing waste are fermented to fatty acids and treated with alcohol from zero alcohol breweries, and then converted into surfactants (the active ingredients that work hard to get things clean)
  • Supermarket food waste is collected from local supermarkets and contains a mix of food products no longer fit for sale. This can be due to exceeding expiration date, packaging damage or other reasons. This mix is the starting point for the production of both the lactic acid descaling agent and the biosurfactant production process, both of which rely on fermentation.
  • Rescued lemon and mint have been used to create fresh, clean-smelling fragrances. The lemon ingredients in the fragrance come from natural oils that would have otherwise been a waste product. The mint ingredient is a result of the redistillation of residues from a flowering plant in the mint family called Metha Arvensis.
  • Sugar beet pulp is a side product of sugar beet processing where the majority of the sugar beet serves as a starting point for sugar production. A portion of what remains of the beet that is unfit for sugar production can be used as a thickening system in a variety of products.
Are you the first cleaning brand to use waste ingredients?

Whilst we are not the first cleaning brand to use waste ingredients, we are the first global cleaning brand to develop formulations using in excess of 80 per cent food waste-derived ingredients (excluding water). We hope that rethinking ingredients and how we see waste becomes the norm within the cleaning industry in time.

If the Too Good To Waste Multi-Surface Cleaner and Toilet Cleaner are created using 97 and 81 percent of waste ingredients (excluding water), respectively, what is the remaining percentage made of,

The remaining percentage of the active ingredients are made of a partial mineral-based ingredients and non-waste derived sugars.

Are these products just as efficient and hard-working as the other products in the Ecover range?

Both limited-edition Too Good To Waste products have been proven to provide an effective clean. The Too Good To Waste Multi-Surface Cleaner will remove grease and grime and the Toilet Cleaner has been proven to remove limescale.

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