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Washing Powder ZERO (100 washes)

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(£4.79 per kg)

Delivery FAQ »

(£4.79 per kg)

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Leave your clothes fragrance free and fantastically clean with Ecover ZERO Washing Powder. Using plant-based ingredients and approved by Allergy UK it is gentle to your skin whilst getting the job done, backed by its GHI Approval

  • For Sensitive Skin
  • Tough on stains, even at 30℃
  • New formulation  for brilliant results on whites and colourfast laundry
  • GHI Approved
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Approved by Allergy UK

(100 washes)

Ingredients 15-30% Anionic surfactants, Zeolite, Oxygen-based bleaching agent
5-15% Nonionic surfactants,  Sodium silicate,
Contents: 7.5kg
Product code:  EZEROLAUNPOWD7500G

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Reviews of Washing Powder ZERO (100 washes) 4.7 out of 5 (59 reviews)

Great wash with the product.
Good it is in a recyclable sack.
Used for majority of clothes washing where it is effective and does not irritate sensitive skins. However, some colours can be bleached, and there are few colour-safe alternatives (I've tried some!) that are as good.
Perfect with new born babies.
will use it to wash my clothes
Works very well. Good value in bulk.
Great product and absolute must for those with allergies.
Happy with the product
Yes, I recommend the product, it’s a high quality product.
Great produce, have used for years and recommended to friends with children with sensitive skin. However, was very surprised to find that the bag is not recyclable- really not good enough. Would consider buying smaller quantities in boxes in the future which kind of defeats the object!!
Washes clothes and doesn't damage the earth.
No smell, no residue. My husband has skin problems and this does not irritate.
Avoiding chemicals is great and re-filling locally saves landfill, re-cycling round the world or the oceans!
As before for Zero products.
great no allergy worries, really cleans very well, use less than normal powder.
Great product
good for people with allergies
Fantastic product. Great results in hand wash, great results in machine at all temperatures. Get's clothes really clean with no gritty afters, no residues, no dubious smelling odours. Superb product, would recommend to everyone.
love that it has zero fragrance
This is the only washing powder that I use. It is excellent on stains, and you don't have to use a big dose to get your clothes clean.
nice to use washes well
As good as other washing powders,no nauseating smell either. Use this and you won't go back to your old powder.
It's soap powder. I use it for washing clothes in the machine. It comes in big bags so I don't have to buy it often. It does the job just fine. I've bought it many times.
Really like this one - no scent, and it doesnt make us itch when we wear our clothes.
This is the first time that I've used the ZERO range and I'm in love with it. Fantastic washing result and gentleness combined.
For everyone, not only those with sensitive skin.
Works wonders and last for ages
I like this product very much. We have a septic tank and it is safe for that. You don't need a huge amount of powder to get a good wash - it's very effective. It's also suitable for my sensitive skin and eczema. I do buy in bulk though or when there's an offer as this isn't the cheapest washing powder around.
very economical
Superb product
normal soiled washing and bedding, also work overalls, very good results
Excellent cleaner, leaves the clothes very soft and with the bonus of no smell
Would recommend the product to everyone, especially those with sensitive skin, or skin conditions. I use it every day for all my clothes and my dogs blankets...Excellent product
Leaves all our clothes clean
This is the first time I have used the zero scent product and I am very happy that it leaves no scent of its own on my clothes. I found that my clothes were a bit stiff at first but perhaps I used too much. I used to use the liquid laundry product but my new machine weighs the load of clothes by gently tumbling the drum around which spills the liquid onto the clothes and on a timed wash the undiluted liquid could be on my clothes for many hours before the wash cycle started risking colour removal in less stable fabrics. That is why I have changed products.
Cleans well on low temps and whites!
Th eproduct is excellent quality, am very happy with the results.
Asked wife for feedback and no complaints so far.......!
In find that I only have to use a minimum amount of the washing powder. I would DEFINITELY recommend it to anybody who has any skin sensitivity whatsoever. I would recommend it to everybody because it is so much better for the environmnet than other powders. It has no perfume, hurrah!
for all the washing as my son needs perfume-free washes and for the house to be as perfume-free as possible.
Does the job well
Non-bio - essential due to allergies.
Essential that I have no perfume or colour so will be excellent. Using up old Ecover powder stocks first. Also essential for my curtains as machine needs powder for that wash and I don't want my curtains fading with bleach nor do I want perfumes on them.
Love the bulk bags.
A great washing powder which does the job very effectively.
due to allergies to the skin and senses zero washing powder is the only product left that i can use for my washing.i cannot use any form of fragrance either man made or natural, lavender being the washes well at all temperatures.
We use Ecover products all the time and have done for many years. We like the no fragrence choice too. As we only have water from our wells and discharge to our private septic tanks, Ecover are very eco friendley and do not polute the earth.
given 4 stars as love ecover and its washed kids stuff fine - the test will be once I've washed some of my clothes and I will then see if I react ......... fingers crossed I'll be able to give it 5 stars
been using for a while - no issues
excellent product
Would recommend to everyone as it washes clothes very well and leaves no fragrance. It leaves no smell that might upset people who have a sensitivity reaction to fragrances. It is ideal for washing baby clothes as there are no ingredients that might upset a baby's delicate skin.
I love the products the only thing that I would say is that I would love to be able to buy at Wholesale price as I use them for our holiday cottage business. I use them in my home too. Help the small business user please.
Gets clothes clean and fresh, removed all the stains without needing stain remover.
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