Fabric Softener Apple Blossom & Almond Refill Box 15L

Our sensitive formula features a palm oil-free softening active, derived from European sourced rapeseed oil, which softens and helps care for your clothes. Available in three clean and gentle fragrances – Apple Blossom & Almond, Gardenia & Vanilla and Rose & Bergamot.

Please note - for easy pouring of the liquid you can buy a tap especially designed for the Ecover 15L containers, which is extra

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Cruelty free. Leaping bunny approved
With plant based ingredients
Suitable for sensitive skin
Suitable for septic tanks
Vegan friendly

CLEAN INGREDIENTS: With plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for septic tank. Vegan friendly.

CLEAN BOX: The box is made of minimum 83% recycled paper fibres.

CLEAN FACTORY: Made in our Zero Waste certified factory, find out more at

Contents: 15L
Aqua, rapeseed-based esterquat, lecithin, propylene glycol, parfum, p-anisic acid, lactic acid, magnesium chloride, linalool, limonene, geraniol.

Store between 5°C and 25°C. Not suitable for silk. Don't use on flame-retardant textiles. Don't pour directly onto textile.
1 cap = 40ml
Standard load (4-5kg) Soft = 30ml. Extra-soft = 60mL (2 x 30ml)

Customer reviews 4.7 out of 5 (44 reviews)

Excellent fabric softener
Great scent and saves me quite a bit of money buying in bulk. My hall cupboard is like an eco shop now with my refill box’s of everything Ecover that I use
Good value for money, don’t know about the smell as I have no sense of smell!!!
K. S., Corsham, Wiltshire
Wonderful product which smells lovely and not only does the job for you laundry but the environment as well. Brilliant cost efficient when buying the 15L and also purchased the tap which makes everything so much more efficient!
A. D., Rochdale
This fabric conditioner is my favourite for it's fine scent and the 15 litre box saves lots of plastic bottles!
R. R., Frankton
I hadn't realised this was enclosed in a plastic bag. It's almost impossible to use without spilling most of it as it's too heavy to pour. There is a spout thing offered but its extra to buy, I'd have thought it would be included as the product is almost useless without it.
Really good value and neat & tidy stacks on top of laundry detergent box
M. B., Ireby
It is what it says on the box. Individually rating it takes up more time than is necessary
Mrs L. M., Glasgow
Lovely smell
V., London
Great to be able to buy in bulk and save on packaging.
A. L., Frampton on Severn
I use this for all my washing - the fragrance is great (not too overpowering) & performs well.
I. L. H., Bridgwater
Useful to buy in quantity. Good value. Recommend to family and friends. Good quality. Good for septic tanks.
T. H., Langport
see previous review
I., Portishead
Great products,
N. A. L. H., Bournemouth
Bought before and find it a great product.
D. H., Wigan
I use this product for the whole family and really pleased with the results. Our clothes fell fresh and soft plus you can save a lot of money( refil convenience).
N. D., London
Brilliant product
B. W., Horley
refill bag seems to go on for ever. good value and does its job well
T. P., Henley on Thames
Love these products and such an economical way to buy.
Mrs T. P., Yatton Keynell
Great big boxes for doing the refills
M. C., Rudyard
Good quality.
M. W., Edinburgh
Smells delightful and works well
Mrs J. Q., London
Use this all the time, lovely smell without being overpowering
L. B., Torpoint
The product itself is excellent, but the 15L box should come with a tap and not just a stopper. I got flooded with the stuff when I attempted to decant it and probably lost a litre in the process.
C. C., Harrogate
Bought this as cheaper than the refills at my local store, and more convenient too.

If you have the space to store the these make it an economical way to use ecover!
P. N., Leyton
Always use Ecover products
Mrs. L. C., Bromley
Lovely fragrance, great product, less claggy than you're traditional fabric conditioners.
C. F., bristol
I always use it whenever I do a load of washing. I like the fresh smell and the softness of the fabric.
I recommend it to everyone.
J. M., Aylesbury
first time have bought refill - don't know why I didn't before, makes far more sense!
Mrs M. M., Winchester
Good product
Mr S. I., Barnstaple
Love the smell, can tell a big difference in softness when we run out. Will buy more!
M. S., Lindale
Good smell, works well
L. D., Surbiton
It does what it says on the pack and is excellent value for money
L. M., Lanark
Good to know I'm not damaging the environment..
Works well
E. W., Cowes
I use this along with the zero washing powder to do all our home laundry and the bedding in our holiday cottage, makes it easier to iron and smells fresh. Does not cause problems to our bio tank.
P. D., Chester
For Eco lover with enough storage for a big 15L box. Also you need a nozzle to poor it safely
C. C., Edinburgh
I use this product to top up my fabric softener bottle rather than having to buy new bottles all the time. If you have the space to keep a large box it is great and saves money too. I would recommend to anyone who wants to save money and the environment - it also makes the clothes soft and smelling lovely too.
J. G., Liverpool
As with the Laundry liquid this is a fab product.
N. S., Bude
Brilliant value and smells wonderful
S. H., Fareham
I starting using this because I suffer with eczema and find alot of detergents make me itch - think it's probably the strong perfume. This softener doesn't have a strong fragrance but softens fabrics well.
E. E., York
I love the smell of this softner, it's a great product. It's a subtle scent tahts left on the clothes so leaves them always smelling fresh.
H. T., Amesbury
you need to use a little bit more than i wouldve expected i would prefer if you had the other scents as well in 15l
Miss R. P., London
Use this all the time. I do a lot of washing, and the least damage I can do to the water course the better. My father worked for the Water Authority so I've heard about about what goes down the drain and where it ends up!
Lovely smell I use in my machine every wash
G. S., Northampton
no refills debug
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