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Oven & Hob Cleaner

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(£0.80 per 100ml)

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(£0.80 per 100ml)

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Tackle burnt on food and thick grease with this powerful degreaser.

Don’t let the plant based and mineral formulation fool you as this really packs a powerful punch and will cut through grease like butter (excuse the pun).  From ovens and hobs to BBQs and extractor hoods, Ecover Oven & Hob Cleaner is a powerful product without those overwhelming fumes.

  • Suitable for septic tanks
  • No fumes
  • Not tested on animals
  • Fully biodegradable

This bottle is 100% Plant-astic & 100% Recyclable

Spray onto surface. Leave to work for 1 minute, wipe then rinse with water.

Ingredients Aqua, Candida bombicola/glucose/methyl rapeseedate ferment , Capryl glucoside, Alcohol, Sodium citrate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Fragrance, Lactic acid, Limonen.
Contents: 500ml
Product code:  EPOWER

Reviews of Oven & Hob Cleaner 4.6 out of 5 (121 reviews)

Although its very good for stubborn greasy stains I found the smell very strong. I won't be purchasing it again as I cannot tolerate the strong smell
Tackles burnt on food and grease with ease. Nice to know there are no really ** chemicals in there too.
clean the oven and ***
First time I have used this product.
It is easy to use, foams well and really does cut through the deposits, when left long enough to shift even the toughest baked on residues. Much more pleasant to use than previous harsh, strong smelling alternative that I used prior.
My husband made our hob gleam with this stuff.
Really shifts the burnt on food
It works well without the ** smells - does what it says on the tin. Would prefer to be able to buy a new bottle as a refill without the trigger adaptor to save further waste.
Great cleaning lovely scent
One of my favourites. I use it in kitchen on stove top, on pots and pans to loosen stuck food, and in the bathroom sink to remove emollients. Love it.
Outstanding, no ** chemical smell and cleans ovens with ease
Both oven & hob benefitted from product
Nice and foamy
Easy to use
It has been used once and we found it effective , with a pleasant smell .
I bought this as all ecover products I've tried do what they say they will.
I am using this product on a cooker in a holiday let with a build up around the rings. I am using it repeatedly and they are gradually improving. Naively perhaps, I had hoped for instant success
Great product
My husband cleans the ovens with it. I would recommend it to anyone who asked. The quality is good for a non planet destroying product
Use this on the sink too!
Used for the first time on the job, lifted the grease first time and was wiped off in one go without leaving streaks. Clean smell and no chemicals
i use this to clean my gas hob - very good.
The BEST cleaner without horrible smells!
I use it to clean the hob, it is excellent and I would recommend it.
I like this product because it is kind to me! No sneezing or allergic reaction to it!
works well but leaves a residue
works very well with a small amount.
Great degreaser works really well with out any caustic chemicals
Used in house. Would recommend to friends. Does the job well.
To clean oven and hob. Extremely good results. I would recommend this to any one who asks me.
Use on the hob
Fair, leave for 5-10minutes and then wash off, does not remove all the substances.
I think it is very good.
But I have some burnt on splashes on my oven door and it is getting them off but taking a few goes.
I would recommend to house holds.
Work well on the hob - not strong enough for very greasy oven
I love this product! Wish I could get it in the supermarket! Removes burnt on food from hob really easily and cleans oven very well. Much better and easier ro use than other similar products on the market.
removes grease easily
Okay, doesn't really tackle tough burnt on stuff.
Christmas dinner: three pans have boiled over and the duck and roast potatoes exploded juices all over the inside of my oven! This oven and hob cleaner made short work of the mess and did so much better than any other product. Would like a 5l refill for this please!
Works well, no strong smell and not harsh to skin.
Works well and our holiday let guests appreciate us using eco-friendly products. Our housekeeper says this cleaned off stains that other products couldn’t budge!
Great at removing grease from hob.
All in all quite a good product, although sometimes hob needs two goes with it to get rid of stubborn stains. Worth it, though, for its eco formula.
Great cleaning
Used it for the first time today excellent product.
Brilliant product - allows you to breathe while cleaning the oven unlike so many non-environmentally friendly products
Hob and oven door clean without effort! I like this...
Any alternative to the high chemical product we've been using has to be better
good for every day use
Good results on halogen hob with pleasant fragrance.
First time I've used this and am really impressed. Nice fragrance too!
Cleans the oven well without leaving a strong smelling aroma.
Great cleaning power without strong chemical smell.
It works a treat on our satin stainless steel cooker.
Surprised by how effective this is
As good as the one I used to buy.
did not work as advertised. No better than soap and water. Very disappointing.
no wasn,t impressed with oven cleaner it was ok for hob but not oven
Good spray for stubborn dirt on the oven.
Not tried this before but impressed. Do not feel it is caustic like most cleaners. Very pleasant .
This was also new to me and I tried it on the gas cooker and oven where I found it very effective.
in our busy kitchen
This is a lovely product and very effective
Good product
Just recently bought this product for 1st time I sprayed it on waited couple minutes then wiped off and the grease came off , I do like it when it does what it says on the tin.
Cleans well
I use the product to clean the oven and hob and other areas where grease accumulates. It has no harsh chemical fumes and is by far the most effective oven cleaner I have ever used.
This is the first time I've used it and it was great.
I would recommend this product. My hob, oven doors and back splash are stainless steel and this product brings a lovely shine to it,
A fabulous new (to me) product
Excellent product to clean kitchen sink, cooker hob and work tops. Smells lovely and fresh. Would recommend to friends and family.
Gets through grease easily, and brings up a brilliant shine.
brilliant hob cleaner - I use it all the time
I used to use other, well known, spray cleaners on my hob but found the claims on the bottle never quite matched the performance unless I did the worst bits 2 or 3 times ... then I found Ecover Oven and Hob Cleaner. Now I spray the hob, leave it a moment and wipe clean. Nice fresh smell, not at all overpowering; really cuts through grease and OK to use without gloves. A really good buy that checks all the boxes: cleans well and easily, does not make the kitchen smell like a chemical works and is good for the environment.
This is really good, tried it on a dish I had used in the oven & it cleaned really well.
Works well on not too burnt on food. Good for hob and glass oven doors.
I love this because you don't need rubber gloves to protect your hands but the product gives excellent results without the usual unpleasant chemicals.
Works well.
Slight, pleasant aroma. Leaves surfaces looking and feeling clean.
Strong product, great to know that it wont harm the environment like others do!
This product is certainly good enough especially if used regularly. However, where it excells is in the fact that it's kind to the septic tank and doesn't make you gag when you spray it!
I use it for both my oven and hob and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants clean and shiny surfaces in their kitchen with just a few sprays of the product.
I have used this product only once so far on my hob. It cleaned the hob well but was unable to clear the very well baked on oil/grease/dirt that we inherited when we moved in. Nothing else has managed to remove it yet either.
First time purchase, great for my hob. Will recommend.
I would recommend it to anyone who needs to clean a stove-rather obvious questions
Pleased to find an oven and hob cleaner that is kind to the environment. Have always been concerned about the chemicals used in other products
This product is ok with grease, not so good with burnt on. There are less eco-friendly products that could cut through the baked on black my cooker currently sports, but, I'm trying to take the greener option, which involves a lot more elbow grease.
Very pleased with this product for being able to shift the grease and grime from our well used cooker without it being a major cleaning event.
I use this for cleaning the hob and oven and find it works well. I like the fact that it does not have harmful gases.
ok for daily use needed something else for stubborn marks
Used on both hob and in oven.State of my oven wasn't brilliant but this product seem to handle the greasy surface well. I had to use the product 2/3 times. This could have been as a result of the heavy job I asked it to do.
Excellent on greasy hobs - one of the best products I have used for this purpse
Have yet to use this product but if it works as well as your other products I will be very happy.
Great product. Leaves no smears on my black hob.
Very impressed - cuts thru the grease really well.
Not used it yet so can't really say.
I have just had a new cooker, and because I never read anything, managed to order a black hob. Big mistake. the oven and hob cleaner, however, has made the job of cleaning it so much easier.

I'd recommend it to everyone.
Leaves everything sparkling clean
Amazingly good - far more so then any of the chemicalladen bleach-based products. I only bought this because of others' reviews, it has removed all the sticky residue from my wooden worktops, without harming the oiled surface
Used this for the first time and found it very good indeed on both the oven and the ceramic hob
This product is fab! Easy to use, only have to leave for a few minutes. Works just as well as any other and without the harsh, choking chemicals. I use this all the time now!
Great Product
Powerful, effective cleaner.
One of Ecover's best products.
better than the rest
very good on the hob.
Something this good surely cannot be environmentally friendly??? It cleans my ceramic hob and even the inside of my oven with ease, smells much nicer than the conventional oven cleaners and is easy on the skin, as well as the ecosystem. Bye bye vicious oven cleaners, this is my new best friend!
To keep my oven sparkling clean and tidy.
Works very well.
My husband loves this. It has even removed old marks nothing else would shift!
great powerful product. Smells great and does the job!
Remarkable. Very impressed.
Disclosure - I'm not usually motivated to leave feedback, but am still astonished how powerful this cleaner is. If you knew how much cooking grease has accumulated over the years in a very busy kitchen, you'd understand why I'm leaving this gushing review.
It works.
It works, and without any nasty residue. Or eye-stinging fumes (quite pleasant, actually - but not deliberately so) or destructive acids. Several years of airborne grease particles and stains were eliminated in one go. Spray on, leave for a bit, then get to work. Brilliant.
The splashback tiles are back to brand new and proudly glistening. The 'sticky' feel of the worktop is the next target.
I have just used the hob & oven cleaner (only had the cleaner yesterday and it was the first time I'd used it).
I tried it on the hob and it came up lovely and clean after rinsing off and drying.
I would tell friends about it if they were looking for a good cleaning product in the kitchen.
OK, didn't shift the hardest grease (baked on) at first attempt. I will try again with a second treatment.
Love Ecover range
1st time I have used this. Happily surprised at how good it is! Great product.
It just lifts off the grease and any burnt-on food making an aeduous task much easier.
Love this product!! So many oven cleaners are awful and make you cough as you apply it into the oven(even though I try to hold my breath!). Gets rid of all grease and stubborn burnt on food and also a brilliant hob cleaner. Winner!!!
Does a great job on my hob and goes such a long way. In fact, my cleaner don't use it when they do their weekly clean and use something far more inferior and I have to reclean it afterwards with the Ecover Oven and Hob CLeaner!
This is absolutely fantastic. I have a ceramic hob and it not only cut through the grease but left the hob sparkling with no smears. Better than any hob cleaner I have tried
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