Zero Washing Up Liquid 450ml

Our Zero washing-up liquid unleashes the power of plant-based, biodegradable ingredients to leave your dishes squeaky clean. Specially formulated to minimise the risk of allergies on sensitive skin with 0% fragrance and 0% colouring.

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Cruelty free. Leaping bunny approved
With plant based ingredients
Suitable for sensitive skin
Suitable for septic tanks
Vegan friendly

CLEAN INGREDIENTS: With plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Suitable for septic tank. Vegan friendly.

CLEAN BOTTLE: Bottle 100% post-consumer recylced plastic*. Cap 50% post-consumer recylced plastic. Widely recyclable. Rinse and recycle with cap attached. Refill where possible.

CLEAN FACTORY: Made in our Zero Waste certified Factory. Find out more at ecover.com.

*per ISO 14021

Contents: 450ml
Product code: EZEROWUP
30% Water
5-15% Anionic and Non-ionic surfactants

One squeeze is enough for a sink full of dishes

Customer reviews 4.7 out of 5 (50 reviews)

Fantastic eco product. Very economical to use, no horrid smell! Works just as well as (if not better than) conventional washing up liquid.
M. P., Telford
Good quality and good for the environment
A. C., Crediton
Washes well
B. J., Pontardawe
Kind to my skin and effective
P. G., Solihull
As good as any product on the market for doing it's job.
Better than anything on the market in it's disassociation from chemical manufacture.
You can't buy better.
M. M., Islington
Didn’t notice any difference from our old liquid. So much better for our system
P. P., Edenbridge
A great product that has saved my hands from the harsh chemicals used in so many household products, cleans perfectly well. The only problem i have now is i have no excuse not to wash up anymore!!
K., leeds
Such a small bottle to clean so many dishes! Thanks Ecover
L. W., Scunthorpe
Works better than most of the washing up liquids which are full of chemicals
G. M., London
Excellent performance. Cleans brilliantly whilst being skin friendly, for us at least.
Not the cheapest to buy in 450mls but I think this is offset by the lack of irritation to our hands.
To make it more cost effective I also purchased a 5l refill.
T. W., Leyburn
Works well to eliminate grease
S. G., London
Excellent product
J. S., Rugby
Use for washing dishes cleaning floors, surfaces multi purpose great product
J. M., Warrington
We both have sensitive skin and I am unable to use the other more perfumed Ecover products.
J. H., Northallerton
Excellent value.
R. A., Kings Lynn
Superb. Gets dishes as clean as any other liquid I know of without the dubious scents or perfumes, doesn't leave hands raw like other liquids. Have disposed of the washing up gloves.
M. M., Islington
Great for sensitive skin and clean clothes
J. F., Ottery St Mary
I. A., Manchester
Works well
I. W., Nottingham
Good product but I have to use quite a lot in my hard water area.
Mrs P. G., Shepherds Bush
I didn't think Washing up liquid was good
A. D., Merthyr Tydfil
gd jopb
J. H., London
A. M., Brockley
Yet to use smells great
S. M., Norwich
I have used this wash powder before because it's my favorite. It cleans my dirty laundry well. Do not use more than what it recommends otherwise you will see a washing machine that is foaming from its drum. For those who like a soft Finnish it is recommended that you by use ecovers fabric softener.
R. T. D., Portland
Used this since mid-80s, brilliant product. Highly recommended.
New bottle design for some reason
Mild but does the job
A. B., Colchester
Very good quality, the skin on my hands has stopped itching already, and if you can realise that you do not need a zillion bubbles to wash dishes, then you will love it.
D. H., Holt
Very good
M. O., Coimbra
Love it! It works as hard as leading brands and doesn't have a scent! Perfect
L. R., Aylesbury
I prefer Zero as it has no 'perfume' and is indeed kind to the skin. My only objection is the fact it is not provided in 1ltr. bottles, only 75ml.
M. P. P., Hartlepool
well washing dishes is never immense fun but this cuts through the grease and creates lots of bubbles. Soft on skin
C. H., Andover
I use it when washing up by hand and I would recommend it to everybody but especially to any one who has problem skin. It is very kind to your hands.
A. R., Penzance
I have been using the washing up liquid for quite a while so would heartily recommend. also converted some family and friends :)
Mrs K. S., Cambridge
Great very efficient.
H. O., London
Excellent cleaning results, kind to hands & eco-friendly.
H. S., London
now we can wash up without gloves!
R. R., Saltash
The best and the kindest
D. W. E., Haverfordwest
High quality
will recommend to any one who is concerned about our environment
Mrs S. H., Waltham Abbey
good quality, great packaging but smaller size for same price
I found this product very good as non of the allergies had reoccured.
Mrs J. S., Dartford
I can wash up again! Yippee! I don't even use my vinyl gloves now. A decided success.
J. C., Colchester
good always buy
Mr J. F., Crook
Dishes are nice and shiny with none of the usual problems that can arise with the usual washing up liquids (skin reactions, heavily fragranced, etc). Well worth buying.
Mrs A. S. M., Edinburgh
I would recommend the product to all my friends and family especially those wishing to avoid the dreadful fumes most washing products give off.
R. D., London
Brilliant! Love it!
R. J., Eltham
I haven't
used this before but am sure it will be every bit as good as all the ecover products I have used ...
M. M., Bridlington
I use it for cleaning as well as washing up as I am allergic to some of the contents of most mainstream household products, particularly those which contain fragrance and other bad (for me) things. I use it to clean bathrooms, kitchen surfaces and floors. I have yet to see if it will work as a carpet cleaner.
E. K., Langport
Wow I've found an eco washing up liquid that seems to hold the bubbles without using half the bottle!! One squirt does the lot!
E. B., London
Love that the fragrance is not too overpowering & gets the job done no fuss.
E. S., Stratford

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